Is AsianBeauties a Scam?

The most important issue that online dating sites must urgently tackle is the growing demand for safe, secure and scam-free dating. This is a very challenging area because what eventually proves to be fraudulent or criminal activity can often be confused with bad dates and incompatible matches. For instance, if a woman does not wish to continue a relationship after a first meeting it does not necessarily mean that a crime has been committed (even if the lady received a gift in the process). Whenever human beings interact and conduct relations, as is the case with online dating, a fragile situation can become emotional and subjective very quickly.

A question sometimes faced by international dating site AsianBeauties is whether scam is present on the site and if the 1,000s of beautiful women registered are all real. This suggestion is often made due to the high eligibility of women members and partly because stigma has traditionally been attached to this form of dating. Often the lack of cultural understanding and language difference leads to greater suspicion when compared with domestic dating sites. However, it is understandable that a large number of women from Asia are interested in men from other countries and hope to elevate their social status and raise a successful family.

Whatever the reasons for this intense speculation about authenticity, AsianBeauties will always face the same crucial questions: Why do thousands of gorgeous, single women want to meet men from another country? What is the reason for these ladies looking to marry and move overseas? How does AsianBeauties ensure only genuine women sign up to the site? And how do they deal with scammers who try to defraud men?

AsianBeauties has taken positive steps to protect members from dating scammers while also acting as arbitrators in cases of cultural misunderstandings. Because the company is subject to a higher level of scrutiny than many other sites in the dating industry, it takes more precautions when dealing with internet fraud. Strict legislation is required when doing business with partners, inviting women onto the website and providing services to members.

There is a reason that the company operating AsianBeauties has been doing business successfully since 1993. It is because the company has taken great measures to make its service trustworthy via a strict anti-scam policy framework. AsianBeauties carries out complete verification of all women who apply to join, which involves checking passports, face-to-face video interviews and regular contact. The company's reputation depends on ladies being genuine in their wish to seek a relationship with a man from overseas.

Although great care is taken to vet women, the question remains whether it's possible for women to defraud gentlemen once they've signed up. AsianBeauties recognizes that the chance exists and has even dealt with such cases of fraud. However, it's not easy for anyone to know in advance who will be dishonest and break the law. Therefore, once a lady has been registered, AsianBeauties follows up with monitoring from an anti-fraud team and round-the-clock customer support who take immediate action if any problems are reported. If a fraudulent claim is proven then the company operates a full money-back guarantee for all credits lost by a client to scam. In addition, AsianBeauties operates in accordance with all U.S. laws, including the IMRBA International Marriage Brokers Act of 2005.

Although AsianBeauties has experienced a number of scam incidents on its website, these are fortunately uncommon and have been dealt with accordingly. It is important for customers to work closely with AsianBeauties and follow recommended safety rules which include looking out for danger signals, using trusted communication methods, avoiding financial requests from matches and arranging any first meeting via the website. Cases of scam should be kept to a satisfactory minimum if members follow this dating advice and AsianBeauties sticks to its ongoing policy of customer protection.